Lifetime Solar Panel Protective Coating

A state of the art product that will increase energy efficiency, will increase solar panel durability, is eco friendly UV resistant and will cut cleaning time.

Lifetime Care Benefits:
  • Increased solar panel energy output while improving the lifetime of the system by allowing more sunlight to pass through

  • Lessen cleaning and maintenance costs

  • Completely hydrophobic, oleophobic, and antimicrobial

  • Solar panel will be 10x more impact resistance compared to untreated glass

  • Scratch resistant and non-adhesive

  • Patented nanotechnology bonds with glass on a molecular level to form complete panel protection

  • Chemically bonds to the glass creating a thin layer protective coating that will repel rain, snow, dirt, pollen, and other pollutants to easily repel off the glass

  • 100% opically clear, wont breakdown in sunlight, also provides a greener environment as no more harsh chemicals will be needed to maintain the panels

  • Supports in protecting against many types of solar glass risks.

  • Assured to help prevent against hazing and discolouration

Solar Maintenance Cleaning Care

Maintain up to 30% of production with regularly cleaned solar Panels

The accumulation of dirt/soiling on solar panels can have a considerable cascading effect on performance, from the reduction of sunlight to causing reduced energy absorption by solar cells, this will have Impact on the performance of PV systems especially where rainfall can be limited. One must understand the impact of soiling on a systems performance and running at its optimum. Your panels should be cleaned on regular intervals to guarantee peak efficiency. This factor helps to provide a return on investment over the lifetime of the system.

Solar Panel & PV System Inspection

  • Reduces risk of nesting, leaking, corrosion, or damage of causing an interruption in production

  • Professional review creates peace of mind and addresses potential issues at their infancy

  • Industry’s latest technology allows for enhanced satisfaction in solar ownership

  • 24/7 Online Care Requests

Digital Energy Assessment Programme

An in-home energy assessment where a participating Licensee examines the home and installs clear-cut processes, while pinpointing other energy-saving opportunities.

Solar Panel Bird and Pest Proofing & Protection

Solar panels offer shelter and protection to the birds. Regrettably, this can result in costly damage to the solar panels and reduced their productivity, they can also damage unprotected wiring under solar panels. Our Licensed technician will be able to discuss and quote on these options with you.