Delamination in solar panels refers to the separation of layers within the panel’s construction. Most solar panels consist of several layers, including a top layer of tempered glass, an encapsulant layer, a layer of solar cells, and a back sheet layer. These layers are bonded together using adhesives.
When delamination occurs, one or more of these layers separates from the others, leading to a loss of efficiency or even complete failure of the panel. Delamination can be caused by various factors, including exposure to high temperatures, moisture, and mechanical stress. It can also occur as a result of manufacturing defects or poor-quality materials.
Delamination in solar panels can be detected through visual inspection, as the separation of layers can cause bubbles, cracks, or other visible defects in the panel. It is important to address delamination promptly to prevent further damage and ensure that the panel continues to operate at maximum efficiency. In some cases, delamination may require replacement of the affected panel or panels. Call a professional for a solar panel health check.


Delamination of Solar Panels